Monday, March 23, 2009

birthday butterfly

One of my dear friends is having a birthday tomorrow, the same day as my grandchild will be born... so I wanted to be sure Julie had her gift before I leave for the hospital. Baby is being born c-section as it is breach... I refer to Baby as It as we do not know the sex of the sweet babe! I really don't care ... I just want my daughter safe and her baby safe as well!
Since it is still sale a bration, I can use this and post this paper... I like how the taffeta ribbon makes the body and antena.. it really does irl... one antena got scrunches as I scanned it,,,, poor little fella!
I made 6 of these for her birthday, using different greetings.. and I made blue butterflies, and green and blue...
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JulieA said...

Very cute! I'm sure she'll love it. Hey, I'm Julie too, so does that mean that you'll snail mail me some of these? ;-) Hope the birth goes smoothly tomorrow. Blessing!

Stacey Schafer said...

I really like the ribbon wrap around the butterfly...neat idea for antennae!