Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Good Morning! Looks like a great summer day here in Sunny Michigan today! Lets enjoy the sun and warm while we can, for soon it will be winter... ugggg! 

Today I have (what we in the stamping world ) a catalog case. To  CASE something means to  Copy And Share Everything on a card you like!  So if you look on page 200 in the catalog you will see this card. 
I copied it 100% from the catalog. In this next picture I did the same on our note cards. ( did you know that the note cards come pre-scored and with envelopes.... 20 for 6,00 works out to be about .30 for a card? it costs more for the postage!) 
And this last picture is my "stepped up " version of the very same card... I added a mat underneath and put it on colored card stock and added just the tiniest  little bling. What do you think? 
Not only does the catalog is a great shopping experience, it is also a great source of ideas too! 

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