Thursday, August 9, 2012

Greeting from the Rain Capitol !

Hi everyone.! This is day 1 of my first Alaskan Adventure on my own.  Well not so much on my own as the first "big" vacation since my sweet hubby died 2 year ago. I am visiting his sister in Ketchikan Alaska... It has been a bittersweet day.... love being here, but also knowing how much my Ford would have loved it as well! I did bring some of his ashes...
 It rained most all day, but hey, when you are in a rain forest, I understand this is what you get! Still its great being here!
Yesterday I got to meet 3 stamping friends in person... we've been chatting on line since 2006.... and finally got to meet at the Seattle airport... 2 hour and tons of giggles later, we are even closer now. That was great! All my stamping buddies... be sure to check out or go to to see all the fabric on sale for only .99 cents while supplies last!
 no new cards to show you tonight... didnt even bring stampin stuff... I figure I;ll miss it later, right now I am helping get things done for Fords neices wedding.... exciting stuff!! I miss my Michigan people.. but will be home in 2 weeks!
Right now I am enjoying the cooler weather and am wishing I could get this rain back to the Detroit area.

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